Faculty Class Subjects Compulsory/Optional Intake Capacity
Arts I English Compulsory 1202
    History Compulsory  
    Marathi/Hindi Compulsory  
    Marathi/Hindi/English Optional  
    Economics/Psychology Optional  
    Sociology/Geography Optional  
  II English Compulsory 120
    History of Social Reforms in
Maharashtra/ Cooperation
    History Optional  
    Marathi Optional  
    Hindi Optional  
    English Optional  
    Economics Optional  
    Psychology Optional  
    Sociology Optional  
    Environmental Science Optional  
  III English Compulsory 120
    History Special  
    Marathi Special  
    Hindi Special  
    English Special  
    Economics Special  
Commerce I English Compulsory 120
    Financial Accounting Compulsory  
    Principles of Business Management Compulsory  
    Business Economics Compulsory  
    Principles of Marketing Optional  
    Insurance Optional  
  II English Compulsory 120
    Corporate Accounting Compulsory  
    Fundamentals of entrepreneurship Compulsory  
    Money of financial system Compulsory  
    Business Statistics Compulsory  
    Business Economics Compulsory  
    Environmental Science    
  III Advanced Accountancy/Industrial Management Special  
    Business Regulatory Framework Compulsory  
    Modern Management Practices Compulsory  
    Cooperative Development Compulsory  
    Business Environment Compulsory  

Other courses:

  • Centre of Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University, Nashik: B.A. and B.Com.
  • Centre of Distance Education Centre, Shivaji University, Kolhapur.
  • Career Oriented Course in Spoken English.
  • Centre for Competitive Exams